We all need a bit of fizz in our lives.  The Matsimela Fizz balls make perfect promotional day gifts and their new packaged gift range is a must have for your retail section.  This product will add fragrance and a bit of fun to a warm bath and comes in four wonderful combinations: Vanilla and sandalwood, Red berry, Litchi and Rose and finally the freshest Ginger and lime – the AboutSpas favourite of all times. Pop into the beautiful showroom at the Matsimela Kaya Sands Head Office for a sensory explosion of colours and beautiful fragrances: Contact details: info@matsimela.co.za | +27 11 704 -7251 | www.matsimela.co.za

Red Berry Fiz Ball Set
Litchi & Rose Fizz Ball Set
Vanilla & Sandalwood_Fizz Ball Set

Ginger & Lime Fizz Ball Set

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