At AboutSpas we are often amazed at the lack of advertising and marketing Spas and Salons engage in. And despite this many have thriving businesses with many returning guests. Their secret – reaping the business within a 5km radius. With great signage, a Facebook page and emailer system going, most Spas have sufficient marketing to keep them out of the jaws of the expensive advertising options lurking at the front door like the proverbial wolf, ready to eat away at your heard earned profit.

Brad Kent recently elaborated on the neighbourhood marketing phenomena in his article on .

neighbourhood marketing

AboutSpas highlights some marketing gems for your enjoyment:

“As a small-business owner, one of the most effective ways for you to compete with big-name, big-budget companies is to unleash the power that’s right in your own backyard. Your secret weapon? Neighborhood marketing – and building an effective strategy is crucial to your success. Let’s talk about what neighborhood marketing is. It’s a way to run your business, a philosophy that focuses on satisfying your customers at a higher level. Neighborhood marketing is a system that concentrates on building your business from the inside out, and never farther than a five- to 10-minute drive from your company’s front door. It takes what you create within the four walls of your business and serves it up as a “concentrate” in high doses to those who can have the greatest impact on your business.”

The bottom line is, you don’t need to have a huge advertising budget or hire an advertising agency to help you compete with big budget companies and win. Neighborhood marketing is about competing in the trenches that exist within your own backyard. It’s about relationships, creativity, great merchandising, great employees, and knowing your customers and exceeding their expectations.”

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