Speaking to several Spa manager the issue of Spa locker keyrings kept on coming up as big headache for Spa managers. AboutSpas did some home work and found there are as many options for securing Spa lockers as there nail colours in this world.

Most common are wood or pressed wood key holders due to its cost effectiveness, but the Amani Spa came up with beautiful engraved silver keyholders (very impressive and stylish), whereas the Four Season Westcliff Spa has combination locks on their lockers. Each option comes with its own set if challenges – one of them being the individual numbering of the keys and lockers. Not all Spa lock key holders are created equal. And as we all know, some Spa guests have a tendency to take mementos home with them.

“We had a huge problem with guests taking their locker keys into the sauna or steam room”, Corne Houston Spa Manager of Kloofzicht Spa explains. “Our keyholders were made from wood to align with Kloofzicht Lodge’s look and feel, but my goodness did these key holders warp in the wet conditions. We contacted AboutSpas for a solution to both the theft and longevity of the keyholders and they came up with a brilliant solution.” 


Claudia from AboutSpas explains: “To prevent or at least make it a bit more difficult for guests to take the keyholders back home with them, we decided in consultation with Corne to go for an outsized keyring. Measuring about 10cm square, it does not disappear that easy. Keeping mind that the keyholder must survive all kind of weather conditions we opted for a clear perspex and engraved the logo on the perspex. Individual numbers were engraved indicated ladies and gents lockers from 1 to 20.”

Made to last for a few season, the perspex key holders are slightly more than laser cut wooden  key holders, but given that they will stand the test of time, it is a good investment for any Spa.

KLoofzicht Spa key rings

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